2010 Ford Mustang to appear smaller

How do you make a muscle car appear more fuel-efficient? According to Ford's North American design director, Peter Horbury, you make it look smaller. In an interview with Automotive News, Horbury said that the Mustang, "... is more suitable for the times than the [ Dodge] Challenger and [ Chevy] Camaro." By "times" we're assuming Horbury is implying that big muscle cars will become less popular due to rising fuel prices and that vehicles like the Challenger and Camaro will endure much of the same wrath that SUVs have garnered in the last few years.

While the Camaro concept is 1.4-inches shorter and 5.7-inches wider than the Mustang, the Challenger overshadows Ford's pony car in length by over ten inches. Whether those facts will have any effect on the buying public is open to debate, but appearances are just that, and a focus on weight reduction and more fuel-efficient drivetrains would seem to be a better solution than making the 2010 Mustang, which will share the same dimensions as the current model, appear to be the smarter choice.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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