Mustang Blue: The new smell of 'Stang

A year after the introduction of the original scent, Aramis and Designer Fragrances have unveiled a new Mustang cologne variant. Mustang Blue, according to the manufacturer, is "the definition of confident, sexy and powerful for the Mustang man." A delicate blend of axle grease, brake fluid, and motor oil --- oh wait, sorry -- geranium, sage, artemisia, and a host of other olfactory stimulants combine to "celebrate the Mustang Man on a new journey."

Sam and I have Mustangs, and I'm fairly confident that neither of us knows exactly what the Mustang cologne people are talking about. Sam's is actually finished in Vista Blue, though, so maybe this is targeted more towards him. My personal favorite Mustang scent is Smoked Pirelli, but I suppose that has less broad consumer appeal than whiffs of sandalwood, hay and patchouli. Now that Mustang Cologne has spawned its first official variant, Shelby, Bullitt, and California Special edition scents can't be far off.

[Source: The Mustang Source]

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