A Subaru Outback that gets 40.6mpg? Welcome to diesel Subies!

Fans of Subarus tend to really love them. Their styling has more often than not been charitably described as quirky. But it's what's under the skin of a Subaru that makes it special. For decades, Subaru has touted the all-weather capability of their full-time all-wheel-drive system. In the past decade, Subaru has also earned something of a performance reputation with their turbocharged boxer engines that have been developed while competing in the World Rally Championship. The one thing these turbocharged traction machines haven't been able to brag about is their fuel efficiency.

No longer is that true. At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, Subaru unveiled the first diesel-fueled boxer engine for cars. Earlier this year, diesel-powered Subies started to appear in Europe and SmartPlanet has one of the first reviews of the new diesel powered Outback wagon. In their testing, the site recorded 40.6mpg (U.S.) in all around driving for the 4x4 Outback, a pretty impressive performance. They found the engine to be smooth running quiet, and refined. In fact, their only quibble was the car itself which is nearing the end of its lifecycle and is due for replacement in the next couple of years. We'll be getting the Subaru diesel in the U.S. market in 2010, perhaps just in time for a new Legacy/Outback.

[Source: SmartPlanet, thanks to Adam for the tip!]

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