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Honda airs live TV commercial for new Accord

Click above to view commercial after the jump

We told you earlier in the week that this particular commercial would be the successor to Honda's famous "Cog" commercial. Dozens of world-class sky divers have been practicing for the commercial in California, and yesterday they pulled of a portion of it live on camera high above Spain. What did they do exactly? Five separate aerial formations were formed to spell out the word "H-O-N-D-A" in sequence. Back in the early years of television, commercials were done live all the time, but those were shot in a studio, not 40,000 feet above the earth's surface.

In light of Honda's belief that the process of doing something difficult is often more interesting than the end result, the live commercial that aired isn't the final product at all. The actual final commercial using footage from this jump and probably others will air sometime in June. We'll see then if it's as good as "Cog". Check them both out after the jump. Thanks for the tip, everyone!

[Source: YouTube]

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