Scotland gets in on the supercar game with 800 hp Falen

That brogue you hear pealing off the countryside? No, it's not a banshee (that's Ireland, anyway), it's a 5.5 liter Judd V10 mounted admidships in the forthcoming Falen Scots Supercar. At least it will be, once the vehicle gets off the computer screen and onto the road. Lending credibility is the presence of that Judd engine, the GV 5.5L V10 that's widely used in Le Mans Prototype class cars. Serious specifications go along with the gravity of 800 horsepower. The ultra-exclusive Falen – only four will be built – will be constructed of carbon fiber and feature a hinged greenhouse like a jet fighter. Four lucky rich folk will eventually wind up with a track-day weapon capable of more annihilation than William Wallace could muster if the Falen ever comes to fruition. A prototype is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2009, and development progress can be checked at Dowdeswell & Hardie's website once it goes live in June.

[Source: Evo]

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