Toyota RAV4 EV eBay auction resolved, still a record

We've been following the saga of a 2001 Toyota RAV4 EV that came up for auction on eBay and sold for a record-setting (as far as we know) bid of $89,200. Unfortunately, for the seller, monkeydude12, the winning bidder backed out and, according to ABG commenter Yanquetino, a message appeared on the auction stating that the seller had received a message from the original winning bidder stating that, "I am sorry about the bid my husband placed on this item. He thought he retraced it but I guess he didn't. He has a brain tumor and can't see real well. Could you please offer this item to the next highest bidder? Thank you for understanding." Bummer, monkeydude.

However, all was not lost. There was still a rare RAV4 EV to be had and so negotiations soon ensued with the 2nd highest bidder. We are happy to report at this time that, although the original record price was rescinded, the final agreed upon price of $69,850 is still (again, as far as we know) a record.

Alas, records are made to be broken. As we reported to you earlier today, a seller by the name of "fluffytheleopard" has just entered another RAV4 EV into the eBay fray and the bidding combat has already pushed the price of that very cherry looking ride to the dizzying height of $50,100. We shall continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.

[Source: monkeydude12 A.K.A. "Joe"]

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