Students want your help to find out where demand for EVs is coming from

Tom and Mikey want to know more about electric cars. First, they did the requisite readings. But now they want to get some original data about the people and groups pushing for EVs. To get that data, the two set up an online survey at Demand for Electric Vehicles. As Tom wrote to AutoblogGreen:
We want to know what the public is thinking about EVs and tie it to some potential marketing strategies. One part of our study requires survey analysis, and for this, we have decided to make an online survey to reach out to many people. ... It is composed of 20 multiple-choice questions and takes roughly 3 minutes to complete. Our goal is 500 completed surveys in 10 days. We're beginning day 3 and we have 105 surveys. We plan to share these results after collecting 500 and writing a report on these results. We share the data in order to help prove that there is a Demand for Electric Vehicles.

As of today, day four, 123 surveys have been filled out (one of them by me). While we don't need an online survey to prove there is a healthy demand for electric vehicles, but Tom and Mikey want to see some numbers. Self-selected? Sure, but Tom and Mikey do have these adorable little avatars.

[Source: Demand4EV, submitted by Thomas]

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