Lake find of the day: Porsche 356

Over on the Jalopy Journal's HAMB (that's Hokey-Ass Message Board, BTW) you can usually find tales of barn finds, re-purchased first cars and from-the-verge-of-death restoration projects. But every now and then there's a heartbreaking account of a car just too far gone for Bondo. If we're lucky, there's pictures.

And in the case of board member Mobile Chicane, there's several pictures of a Porsche 356 left to rust for 30 years in a Wisconsin farm pond. Chicane says the owner of the land only recently discovered the car in his pond after buying the property in 1970. Local sheriff's deputies had been using it for scuba diving practice, but the landowner offered to give it away to anyone willing to haul it out. Underwater cameras showed the car in one piece, but the Porsche split under the strain of being moved.

The new owner, Chicane, is looking it over for any identifying numbers so its history can be traced, but doesn't have much hope for success. What will be done with it is the next question.

HAMB members offer lots of encouragement in the comments like, "That'll buff right out," and "Just throw some red wheels on it," and "Now THAT'S patina!" We like the suggestion that Chip Foose have a go at it on Over Haulin.

Check our gallery for larger photos, and the HAMB for more photos.

[Source: Jalopy Journal via Hemmings Auto Blogs]

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