Bo Bennett revs up EVcast, the podcast for the electric car evangalist

Need an audio guide to the electric vehicle world while you wait for the Who Killed The Electric Car sequel? Internet entrepreneur and author Bo Bennett along with his EV co-host Ryan Levesque think that their new electric car podcast - EVcast - is just what the doctor ordered. The free show is available at the website or in iTunes and the first episode will be released today at 1 pm EST via a live stream (podcast version to follow). According to a release sent out by Bennett, the show will "inform the American public on the benefits of the emerging technology of electric cars in a non-technical and entertaining way."

Bennett had the idea for the show after he started looking around for a new car about half a year ago and realized that EVs are the best option for the future. He recognizes EV's "shortcomings," but the show's "ultimate goal is to spread the adoption of the electric vehicle, but at the same time help consumers make smart decisions when comes to buying a pure EV, hybrid, or even sticking with a gas powered vehicle for now." Whether the duo will be able to "cut through the crap, figuratively speaking" remains to be heard.

[Source: EVcast]

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