Anna Kournikova can always fall back on car washing

Honestly, who cares if Anna Kournikova never won a Grand Slam title in single play? She seems to be doing just fine these days, buoyed by her budding modeling career. So, while certain statistics may cast a shadow over her professional tennis career, there is no doubting her physical beauty. According to a new survey by Motorpoint, men in the U.K. voted Kournikova 'Car Wash Belle,' making her the number one person that men would like to see washing their cars. We wouldn't argue with these results. Number two on the list is Cristina Aguilera, followed in the three-spot by Scarlet Johansson -- a fine choice indeed.
So, what about the guys? They weren't left out, as Johnny Depp got the official nod as 'Car Wash Hunk,' followed by George Clooney and Ewan McGregor. We've pasted both top ten lists after the break. Feel free to nominate your personal choices in the comments section, and remember to keep it clean... sorry, too easy.

[Source: Motorpoint, Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty]



Anna Kournikova has been voted the celebrity that most people would like to see wash their car in a new survey published by Motorpoint, the UK's leading car supermarket.

The tennis ace was singled out as the 'Car Wash Belle' in a nationwide poll of female celebrities that men would most like to see on their driveway with a bucket and sponge cleaning their vehicle. She was followed closely by singer Cristina Aguilera (23%), who ironically released a single 'Car Wash' a few years ago, and actress Scarlet Johansson (16%).

In the same study, Johnny Depp, star of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was named 'Car Wash Hunk' by female voters, taking 25% of the vote - piping fellow actors George Clooney (22%) and Ewan McGregor (12%) to the top spot. Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson was the least popular with 1%.

Commenting on the findings, John Hood, General Manager at Motorpoint Derby explains: "Washing your car is often thought of as just a routine part of vehicle maintenance. However, our study shows that drivers wouldn't pass on a helping hand from a celebrity. When it comes to my own car, I would have to go for our very own 'British Belle' Kelly Brook."

Summary of results

Favourite female celebrity

1. Anna Kournikova 27%
2. Christina Aguilera 23%
3. Scarlett Johansson 16%
4. Eva Longoria 11%
5. Jessica Alba 8%
6. Megan Fox 5%
7. Hayden Panettiere 4%
8. Abbey Clancy 3%
9. Rachel Bilson 2%
10. Mischa Barton 1%

Favourite male celebrity

1. Johnny Depp 25%
2. George Clooney 22%
3. Ewan McGregor 12%
4. David Beckham 10%
5. Jonny Wilkinson 7%
= Daniel Craig 7%
= Brad Pitt 7%
6. Orlando Bloom 5%
7. Jenson Button 4%
8. Gavin Henson 1%

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