VIDEO: Solar speedboat makes waves

There's nothing quite like the sensation of shooting along a canal in a speed boat with no noisy engine to interfere with the sounds of the wind, water and wail of seagulls. That's what this video demonstrates (if you replace that wind, water and wail with Euro electro-pop) as we follow the Czeers MkI on its maiden voyage down a waterway somewhere in the Netherlands close to where it was built.

We are no strangers to solar powered watercraft here at ABG, but haven't featured anything quite like this one before. Supporting its 14 meters 2 of deck-integrated solar cells is a carbon fiber-corecell sandwich hull that stretches 10 meters (33 feet) in length yet weighs only 350kg (771 pounds). Drawing its power from lithium ion poly batteries where the solar energy is stored, it can send you across the waves at 30 knots (35 mph) which, while not so fast on the interstate, is a nice clip for a boat. Boasting a steering wheel and propeller also made of carbon fiber, the 100 percent proudly Dutch made Mkl sports a touchscreen LCD to help you with navigation, seats three, and in case you hadn't noticed, features a large sundeck. Price details are available by contacting the company who expect to sell between four and eight of these eco-aqua art pieces each year. Check out the gallery below then hit the jump to see it in action.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: Czeers via Gizmag]

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