Motoring J-Style brings JDM flavor to Vallejo, CA

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Memorial Day is the traditional kick off of the car show season, and despite some cloudy skies and a few scattered showers, the Motoring J-Style crew returned to Vallejo, California to provide JDM obsessives a venue to show off their wares.

In addition to the obligatory drifting exhibition, the show played host to all manner of Japanese iron, spanning the spectrum from a late '60s, right-hand-drive Toyota Crown to several examples of impeccably equipped late-model Mazdas. The show was broken up into separate sections for Nissan and Toyota, along with a BRE booth, a pseudo-concours event and enough F20C-powered Celicas to have us considering another addition to our Project Garage.

Some of our favorites included Adam Carolla's race-prepped Datsun Roadster, an impeccably restored Mazda RX2, an all carbon fiber Honda hatch, a Toyota Corona with a Lexus SC430 V8 swap and a 1971 Datsun 510 wagon motivated by a 7M-GTE Toyota Supra engine, with a Ford rear end and Corvette C5 front rotors clamped by Dodge Viper calipers. Not to mention that we watched Speedhunters' main man Antonio Alvendia take a spill from the back of a hopped-up golf cart. He survived unscathed and being the consummate professional, he never let his camera hit the ground.

Our boy Brad happily snapped away and we've assembled a massive gallery to keep you occupied between beer runs and barbeque.

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