AT&T adds 105 alternative fuel vehicles to service fleet

The mostly reconstituted AT&T operates a huge fleet of vehicles nationwide in order to keep its communications infrastructure in working order. As such, it has a very strong financial incentive to cut petroleum use as fuel prices keep rising. To help address that, starting in June, Ma Bell add 105 alternative fuel vehicles to its fleets in thirty cities nationwide. The new additions will consist of 25 vans fueled by compressed natural gas, 65 Ford Escape and Toyota Prius hybrids and 15 work trucks with hybrid conversions. AT&T deployed its first four Escape hybrids late last year. The phone company estimates that 124 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and over 34,000 gallons of fuel use will be eliminated annually with these vehicles. The converted work trucks could cut fuel use by 38 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent compared to conventional equivalents.
[Source: AT&T]

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