One of the traditional rites of summertime is the long weekend road trip. However as fuel prices are on the rise this spring and likely into this summer, that's becoming a much more expensive activity. Unfortunately a lot of the things that people do for road trips can dramatically increase fuel consumption. At highway speeds a roof rack or carrier can 20 percent to fuel consumption. Aggressive driving like shooting for every gap in traffic also increases consumption compared to just setting the cruise control at the speed limit and relaxing. Regular maintenance checks like checking tire pressures and making sure the air filter is clean can help save some money along the way too. Also make sure you go online and check for road construction projects along your route. Those can keep you tied up in traffic burning fuel for extended periods. If you find a construction zone plot out a detour before you get stuck. Once you get where you're going make sure you take off the rack or carrier if you're going to be driving around for a while.

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