Madrid Motor Show: Kia eco_cee'd - 104g/km of CO2

At the Madrid Motor Show this week, Kia is showing off its latest entry in the low CO2 derby with the eco_cee'd hatchback. With power coming from 1.6L diesel that automatically shuts off whenever the vehicle is not in motion, the oddly named eco_cee'd is claimed to improve the standard cee'ds 50mpg (U.S.) to 60.3mpg (U.S.). The new variant also goes from a 5 to 6 speed gearbox, adds low rolling resistance tires and the usual array of aero tweaks that get added to such low carbon specials. So far, this one is a concept but a production version is likely before long. The 104g/km CO2 will appeal to drivers in the growing number of cities that are imposing emissions based taxes and congestion charges.

[Source: AutoCar]

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