GM hearts Planet Green

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General Motors looks to get loads more exposure in short order as it becomes the exclusive automotive sponsor for the new Discovery Communications channel known as Planet Green. Therefore, viewers should expect to be inundated by vehicles from the General - hybrids and flex-fuel SUVs in particular - while they watch shows like Living With Ed. The city of Greensburg, Kansas, will be highlighted on the new channel, as that city is currently rebuilding itself using as much green-tech as possible. Besides giving Greensburg city administration some Tahoe hybrid SUVs and E85-capable pickups, GM has also provided the local school's South Central Community Foundation three flex-fuel Suburbans. One story line of the show will center around the rebuilding of Greensburg-area Chevrolet dealership Dwane Shank Motors.

Says Betsy Lazar, executive director, GM advertising and media operations, "Planet Green programs will attract consumers who also want to know what GM has to offer in terms of fuel-efficient cars and trucks, hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles." Therefore, more direct advertising will take place on both the television channel and its accompanying website. Short films will be made showcasing GM vehicles and employees. Planet Green launches on June fourth.

[Source: Automotive News]

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