Fiat considers new brand for low-cost cars

According to our list of the cheapest cars in the world, Fiat already offers the ninth least expensive car available: the Palio. It seems as if that might be the cheapest vehicle which Fiat would be interested in placing its name on, as reports are coming in which indicate that the company is considering a new brand for the further development of low-cost cars. Already, Fiat's competitor Renault has announced that it intends to continue operating in the cheap-car segment that it competes in already with the Logan. Bajaj is said to be working with Renault on its upcoming $2,500 Nano challenger.
So far, there has been no indication on whether the new brand will be a resurrection of a previous marque owned by Fiat or something completely different. Though the new low-cost vehicle would seem to be in direct competition with the Tata Nano, Fiat chief executive Sergio Marchionne indicates that the two brands, which already cooperate in other ways, might be working together on the project.

[Sources: Automotive News Europe - sub. req'd, Reuters]

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