Be sure to check your blind spots with ScopeOut

There have been many inventions in the last few years in order to reduce accidents due to that age-old hazard, the blind spot. Some solutions, like the electric systems on some higher-end brands like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Buick, are rather high-tech and probably prove quite useful. Still, there's something to be said for simple engineering, like Ford's upcoming new Blind Spot Mirror, as seen here. If you are into simple solutions, but won't be purchasing a new Ford any time soon, perhaps you'd be interested in ScopeOut, a new rear-mounted mirror system designed to help see objects in your path. Because it's mounted on the rear glass, the system is visible from your rearview mirror.
Available as either a single-mirror unit for smaller vehicles or a larger dual-mirror unit for large vehicles and SUV's, perhaps the ScopeOut could reduce the thousands of crashes due to the blind spot.

[Source: Sense Technologies via Motorcycle USA]

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