Spy Shots II: Jaguar XF-R

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Yesterday we showed you the first clear spy shots of Jaguar's upcoming XF-R super sedan courtesy of CAR, but our own photogs have caught a black version of the cat driving around city streets in the UK, and we thought they'd be the perfect accompaniment to the tuna fish sandwich you're eating in your cubicle right now. We think the exterior mods are even more apparent on this car than the white one caught yesterday. Black tape can be clearly seen surrounding new hood vents and also adorns the more sinister front air dam that we're guessing gulpa a lot more air than the standard XF. The traditionally chromed vertical fender vents now match the jet black body color of the car, as do the new side sills that give it even more curves. New 20-inch wheels with a turbine-style design are fitted and project the appropriate degree of mechanical competence this car will offer, while quad exhaust tips out back complete the transformation. As we mentioned yesterday, speculation says power will be provided by a direct-inject, supercharged V8 producing 500 horsepower. The German super sedans must be at least a little worried, because not only will the XF-R be just as fast as them, in our opinion it looks a whole lot better, too.

[Source: KGP Photography]

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