Ferrari California in crazy colors, plus more official detail shots

Click above for more unnaturally colored images of the Ferrari California

Since Ferrari released the first official photos and details about its new California hard-top convertible last week, the car has no doubt caused an unhealthy amount of drool to collect in pools around the world. Of course, Ferrari debuted the car in the only color it could: Ferrari Red. But there are many other hues out there and we suspect Ferrari owners, at least those in the U.S. who have no shame, are not your typical fanboys and will repaint their California convertibles on day one of ownership to match their favorite shirt. The folks at apparently understand this behavior, and have created a series of images showing the 2009 Ferrari California in every unnatural tinge your mind could conjure. We like the gunmetal gray with the matte black wheels, but your 16-year-old daughter may lean toward the pink one with shiny chrome rims.

Click above for new detail shots of the 2009 Ferrari California

Not to be outdone, Ferrari itself revealed two more high-res detail shots of the California, which we've added to our gallery along with a number of other shots we grabbed from the car's official website. has become quite the hangout since the car was revealed, and now features four different audio clips of the California's 460-hp 4.3L V8 at various levels of caning. There are still many areas of the site locked down and branded with countdown timers, so we'll keep our eyes on it for you and let you know when Ferrari gives us the Full Monty.

[Source:, via Jalopnik]

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