Camaro nut reports from inside second focus group

With the 2010 Camaro just a couple months from being unveiled in production trim, GM is conducting focus groups with fanatics that it aims to please. Forum poster OctaneZ28 from 5thGen was on-site at the General's Milford Proving Grounds recently for the second such focus group and is now telling the world as much as he can about the soon-to-be-released bow-tie pony car. So far he's as giddy as a school boy. Since OctaneZ28 is a true die-hard Camaro fan, it's hard to consider his opinions objective, but he's posted some things from the focus group that we find interesting.

First off, he mentions driving both the V6 and V8 models, and he calls the 3.6L version a real sleeper. Does that mean the base engine could be direct-inject version with more horsepower? OctaneZ28 also mentions the production convertible, which is said to keep the form of the coupe and is the most researched drop-top in the history of GM. That's weighty stuff. Lastly, the six- and eight-cylinder models will be heavily differentiated, and there will be 10 colors available for the car. It may seem like forever and a day since the first Camaro concept bowed in Detroit, but now that we're in the home stretch, all that waiting looks to be paying off.

[Source: 5thGen]

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