Stillen Nissan/Infiniti open house 2008

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Steve Millen is very appreciative of his racing successes as a factory driver for Nissan. Since retiring from competition, he hasn't let the automaker forget his gratitude. He does so through his aftermarket parts company and tuning shop, Stillen. Stillen's core market consists of the Nissan/Infiniti enthusiast, while Ford fans round a close second. For the past 12 years the Costa Mesa, CA facility has hosted an annual customer appreciation open house aimed at giving a little something back to those who keep things running. During the event, Nissan and Infiniti owners crowd the streets with their rides for a car show, the shop performs installations under the gaze of spectators and the dyno was available for those that wish to show off more than their vehicle's exterior.

This year's open house event even saw Nissan chipping in with some eye candy as well. A handful of knowledgeable and passionate employees were on hand to show off a pair of 2009 Nissan GT-Rs. One of the cars was the very same GT-R track tested by Mr. Millen for a Road & Track feature. Also taking up space in the parking lot was a 2009 Infiniti FX and a 2009 Nissan Maxima, brought along in order to gauge reception from the crowd. The GT-Rs and Maxima were greatly poked and prodded upon, but the FX received little attention. The lack of interest in the FX did not necessarily speak ill of the redesign, but more so of the crowd's nature. A few trucks and SUVs were in attendance, but the majority of vehicles lining the street were of the 350Z, G35, Sentra and 240SX variety. Take a peak at the photo gallery to see a sampling of what was there.

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