14-year-old to ride bike 1,500 miles for EVs

Many have seen the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and become angry about a previously untold tale and frustrated by the lack of electric cars in the market. 14-year-old Liza Stoner of Minneapolis saw the film and decided to do something to carry its message further. This summer she will pedal from her home to Washington DC to deliver a petition calling on Congress to take action.
Her ride is supported by the Fellowship for Renewal, a group that "supports youth led initiatives and young activists who aim to inspire a call to action by creating awareness and understanding of environmental and social injustices through extraordinary physical endeavors." Calling her effort the "Ride for Renewal," she could use your signature. The petition is online at at ipetitions here. More information about the ride is at rideforrenewal.org.

[Source: Ride for Renewal]

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