So, anything out there you'd like to strap a jet engine to?

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Those of you who'd like to power your daily driver with a jet engine but are a little too concerned about the complexity of a turbine should take a look at the good old pulse jet. With a slightly crazy but active community still working on the German World War II engine design, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything on wheels that hasn't seen a buzzing pulse jet strapped onto it somehow. Something with two wheels? Sure. How about something with four wheels and a couple thousand horsepower? Heck yeah! As you can see in the video pasted after the break, the venerable pulse jet has seen plenty of duty on race and show cars, and there's not much in this world thats cooler than a jet-powered automobile. Just don't start it in front of your neighbor's house and you'll be fine.

[Source: YouTube]

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