Jaguar posts first sales rise in almost 2 years

For decades, Ford has carried Jaguar like an 800 lb guerrilla on the company's back. And just as Ford is able to unload the money-burning British marque, the leaping cat responds by posting its first sales increase in two years. Jaguar's April sales were up a ridiculous 69.6% in Europe, and while Automotive News somehow gives credit for this sales success to Tata Motors, it likely has a hell of a lot more to do with the all-new XF sedan. Jaguar has 18,000 customers in line for the new 4-door, which has given sales figures a big lift while helping other Jags leave the dealer lot, too. The slow-selling X-Type and the underrated XJ also got a lift from the extra showroom traffic.

At first glance, it appears Ford's luck just can't change, as Jaguar is finally looking interesting just as the Blue Oval sells it off. What's more likely is that Ford wouldn't have gotten as much cash for the leaping cat if it couldn't dangle a hot-looking sedan to potential suitors.

[Source: Auto News (subs req'd)]

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