GMNext talks about turbo four cylinder Camaros

General Motors will be unveiling the production version of the new Camaro sometime this summer just as gasoline prices in the U.S. are reaching all-time record highs. With gasoline now at or above $4/gallon across the nation, this hardly seems the most opportune time to launch a high-powered sports coupe. While GM is too far along to cancel the program now, that doesn't mean adjustments won't be made. When the Camaro launches it will almost certainly be powered by the choice of GM's 3.6L V-6 or 6.0L LS3 V8 as used in the Pontiac G8 with which it shares its architecture.

Within the next couple of years the Camaro will very likely get smaller, more efficient engines. GM already offers a turbocharged direct injected 2.0L four cylinder in the Solstice and Sky that could easily be dropped into the Camaro. In addition to the turbo DI engine's inherently better efficiency compared to the larger units, it is also significantly lighter. When GM announced their second-generation mild hybrid system in March they indicated that it could and would be used in rear wheel drive applications in addition to front wheel drive. It seems likely that we will see a Camaro with a 2.0L turbo and mild hybrid system, probably by about 2011.

[Source: GMNext]

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