Topless Cvennes gets handled by Penny Mallory

After spending a long afternoon together, during which time Penny had given her companion a right thorough thrashing that had been met by only a satisfying compliant willingness, the moment for reward had come. Her hand dipped the sponge into warm soapy water to prepare it for more long gentle strokes down the gleaming black taut skin covering the powerful musculature of the young classic beauty. Penny's breath was coming out in soft gasps as finally finished her task of appreciation and stood back to admire the effect which her efforts of working over the luscious body had produced. Her new friend filled her with the same desire she had felt as when they had first been paired a few days earlier. Sadly, only several more days remained until she would have to give the car back.

You see, Penny Mallory, a World Rally Car and precision stunt driver (as well as television presenter), had been loaned the PGO Cévennes for a week so she could give it a drive and write about her impressions. She loved it so much she actually gave it a hand washing (our narrative of that event in the paragraph above), an occurrence I don't believe has ever happened before in the history of automotive journalism. And, indeed, the PGO Cévennes is car that has never happened in the history of the automobile before. Based on mechanicals from Peugeot and burning CNG for zero particulates and low CO 2 emissions, the Cévennes borrows freely from the '50s era Porsche 356 to which it is a homage to fulfill the performance promises older classic cars can only make. But don't take our word for it. Read an account of the tryst from Ms.Mallory herself by clicking on the "read" link below.

[Source: DueMotori]

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