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To all the Americans griping about $4 a gallon for fuel: imagine how the Brits feel about paying £5 a gallon. £5 is roughly $9.80 today, and you can trust that paying ten bucks per gallon hurts pretty bad. To help (and to generate some friendly press) BMW is offering the BMW EfficientDynamics Open Weekend later this month (May 31 and June 1). The event will turn BMW dealerships in the UK into shops where anyone - whether they drive a BMW or not - can pull in and get schooled on how to drive greener (make a reservation first). Also, dealers will perform free multi-point car checks to point out ways to save fuel and, BMW says, up to £520 a year.

BMW calculates that the 700,000 BMWs with EfficientDynamics technologies (e.g., start/stop, regenerative braking) that will be sold in 2008 will save 33 million gallons of fuel and 373,000 tons of CO2 when compared to 2006 BMW models without EfficientDynamics technologies. Full details after the jump.

Press Release:

BMW EfficientDynamics to the fore

* BMW EfficientDynamics Open Weekend – save up to £520 a year
* Online vehicle comparator goes live
* BMW at the SMMT Test Day
* BMW announces two further 'new models'

BMW EfficientDynamics Open Weekend – save up to £520 a year
With fuel prices passing the £5-per-gallon mark for the first time, the BMW UK dealer network is to stage a BMW EfficientDynamics Open Weekend where drivers of all makes and models of car will be able to take advantage of a free multi-point car check to highlight potential cost savings.

By adhering to the driving principles of EfficientDynamics, such as removing unnecessary weight, having tyres correctly inflated and engine lubricants and fluids at the right level, the average driver could save up to £120 per annum*. The fuel-saving benefits of BMW's EfficientDynamics technologies, fitted as standard to 95 per cent of new BMWs, will also be promoted. These measures, that include innovations such as Start / Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration technology, mean drivers of older models stepping up to a new BMW could save as much as £400 per annum**.

The EfficientDynamics Weekend lets motorists book an efficiency check that will show how they can save money now or test drive a new BMW to experience the substantial saving they could make on running costs with a new BMW. The BMW EfficientDynamics Open Weekend will be held on Saturday, 31 May and Sunday, 1 June. Drivers of any make or model of car wanting to take advantage of this offer can book a car efficiency check by logging on to and navigating through the EfficientDynamics link. Once registered, convenient time slots can be chosen at one of the 144 dealerships taking part.

* Figure sourced by Energy Savings Trust. ** Figure based on a 12,000 mile per annum driver driving a new 318i Saloon with fuel priced at the current national average of £1.10 per litre compared to a 2007 model year 318i Saloon.

Online vehicle comparator goes live
BMW is pleased to announce the launch of an online tool for new car buyers that lets them use independent data to compare potential new car purchases. The online vehicle comparator allows users to view BMWs against rival products on such points as engine output, performance, fuel consumption, emissions, Vehicle Excise Duty and running costs to get a true picture of ownership.

By accessing this one-stop-shop motorists can get an unbiased third party view of the benefits EfficientDynamics technologies can bring. EMMOX Carcost Ltd provides all the information for the site, which is updated on a monthly basis. The BMW 118d is a good example of how EfficientDynamics technologies can save money. The table below outlines its competitive advantage.



Torque (Nm)

0-62mph (secs)

Top speed (mph)



VED Band

BMW 118d M Sport three-door








Audi A3 Sportback TDI Sport 140








Mercedes A-Class A200 CDI Avantgarde SE








Volkswagen Golf GT Sport TDI PD 140 PDF








Data supplied by EMMOX Carcost Ltd

Since facets of EfficientDynamics technologies were introduced on the first BMW models in 2006, a staggering amount of financial and environmental savings have already been made. On a Europe-wide basis, more than 700,000 EfficientDynamics-equipped cars are expected to be sold in 2008. To put this into context, those 700,000 cars will save more than 33 million gallons of fuel compared to pre-EfficientDynamics cars sold in 2006. This equates to a reduction in CO2 of 373,000 tonnes in Europe, 54,000 tonnes of which will be saved in the UK alone.

To use the online vehicle comparator general access can be gained by going to and clicking through the EfficientDynamics link. Alternatively, the following link to provides instant access.

BMW at the SMMT Test Day
BMW will showcase its class-leading EfficientDynamics technologies when it appears at the SMMT Test Day at Millbrook, while also heralding the launch of two new BMW models. The 22 May event is a highlight in the motoring calendar and this year's profile will be boosted with the international media debuts of the BMW 120d Convertible and BMW 320d Convertible.

The 120d Convertible builds on the benchmark attributes of the most compact, open-top, four-seat BMW by offering diesel power for the first time. Meanwhile, the 320d Convertible joins another class-leading range to offer an appealing mix of low running costs, luxurious open-air motoring and benchmark driving dynamics.

Joining these two new additions will be the World Green Car of the Year 2008, the BMW 118d, the sub-225g/km BMW X6 xDrive35d and the BMW 635d Coupé. All five of the cars appearing at the SMMT Test Day feature EfficientDynamics technologies that result in lower emissions and better fuel consumption, while also improving engine output and performance figures.

BMW announces two further 'new models'
BMW UK is pleased to announce some key changes to the line up of its Corporate Communications department. Gavin Ward, previously Media Relations Executive, has been appointed as BMW Media Relations Manager, while Janis Prescott has been appointed to the role of MINI Media Relations Manager.

Ward has worked in BMW's corporate communications team for more than four years. He now takes on the role as the main contact for day to day BMW product press queries following Duncan Forrester's move to become New Media Public Relations Manager.

Prescott replaces Ellysia Graymore who has left the company in order to pursue a new adventure in Italy. She starts work on 1 June and will bring to the role more than 10 years experience working for BMW and MINI brands in various roles.

Chris Willows, BMW Corporate Communications Director, said: "It was very sad to say goodbye to Ellysia as she headed for Turin. However, she has been replaced by Janis who has an extensive knowledge of the business and is well placed to take on MINI media communications. Meanwhile, Gavin should be a familiar face to you all and will, I'm sure, continue to offer the same high levels of service and professionalism you expect from BMW."

[Source: BMW]

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