Alfa building super-limited Spider Mille Miglia edition

Click image for a high-res gallery of the Alfa Spider Mille Miglia

The 500 Abarth Asetto Corse isn't the only limited-edition Fiat Group vehicle that'll be available for order at this year's Mille Miglia. Alfa Romeo will also be taking orders for the 11 Spider Mille Miglia editions it's building to commemorate the 11 times it's won the race. Setting the cars apart from standard editions are Rosso 8C paint, Quadrifoglio shields on the fenders and a red-accented black interior. Translation: it's a super-exclusive paint-and-badging special.

Alfa Romeo Spider Mille MigliaEach car is, of course, individually numbered, and their unique ID plates note a different Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia victory. We can totally envision some eccentric collector ultimately securing all eleven rides one day just to have the complete set. Power comes from the automaker's 3.2L V6 producing 260 horses. Price? We don't know, but we'll bet that it more than covers the costs of the model-specific paint and a few extra badges.

[Source: Alfa Romeo]

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