Noble teases twin-turbo V8-powered M600

It's been a while since we have heard from Noble, the small British manufacturer that has put out some pretty impressive sports cars over the last decade. The company is currently developing a new car called the M600, and recently had the chance to interview Noble's head honcho Peter Boutwood about the upcoming model. Boutwood revealed that the M600 will be powered by a Yamaha-designed twin-turbo Volvo V8 and will have a full carbon fiber body shell. While no specific details were given regarding specifications or performance figures, the M600 promises to keep pace with the world's top supercars. It will also be absent of any driver aids like traction control and have a focus on being a pure driver's car. No word on whether the M600 will be available in the United States, but it may be imported as a rolling chassis sans engine like the current car. Thanks for the tip, pottz!


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