For those with a death wish: pulse jet powered bicycle

There's a crazy underground community which focuses on the pulse jet, which history buffs may remember as the powerplant of the German Buzzbombs of World War II. As you could probably guess, the buzz name comes from the sound that the engine makes. As you can see in the video seen here, the buzzing bomb jet engine attached to a retro-style bicycle frame is capable of moving along quite nicely. We're not so sure that your neighbors would love you as you fired up your jet-powered bicycle for the morning commute, but with a seventy-five mile per hour top speed, at least you'll get to the office quickly. The builder of this contraption, Robert Maddox, sells engines ranging from just fourteen pounds of thrust all the way to one-thousand pounds of thrust. The one attached to the bicycle seen here is worth between fifty and sixty pounds. Seriously, there's no end to the fun you could have with your very own jet engine...

[Source: Youtube, eBay via The Kneeslider]

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