DOA: Droptop CTS Coupe

We're all fidgety waiting for the arrival of the Cadillac CTS coupe, but GM has already axed a potentially popular variant of the two door entry-Caddy. Despite indications that GM's turnaround plan is making headway, resources still need to be allocated carefully, so we're guessing that an alfresco CTS Coupe didn't make a good enough business case to justify the cost to bring it to market. While it certainly cost GM money to make the CTS a two-door, significant investment would have been necessary to engineer and fine-tune the reported retractable hardtop the convertible would have gotten. Convertible buyers are often a little different than hardcore coupe purchasers, opening up another sales niche. GM also misses out on another challenge to BMW, which offers a Skyliner-ized 3-series. If there's enough clamor for a convertible CTS Coupe, GM may eventually commit to it as Cadillac takes aim at BMW with it's awesomeized CTS.

[Source: Inside Line, Photo: Inside Line]

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