Smart ForTwo aces Insurance Institute crash test W/Video

One of the biggest questions to consider with tiny cars like the Smart ForTwo is what happens in a crash? The Smart is only eight and a half feet long. The first generation Smart has been tested numerous times over the years and always done reasonably well especially in comparison to other really small and even some considerably larger cars. When the feds tested it recently for the official test it did fairly well with scores of 4 and 3 stars for driver and passenger frontal protection. There was concern about the driver door opening during the test.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety does its own testing on cars and trucks with different tests from the government standard. IIHS does a 40mph offset frontal test as well as a 31mph side impact test and a 20 mph rear impact test. The Smart scored the maximum good rating on both the front and side tests and an acceptable on the rear impact test. Considering the almost complete absence of crush zones on the Smart, it's always amazing to see how well the structure along with the belts and air bags protect the occupants. The full report is available here. The Video is after the jump.

[Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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