Does car color correlate with personal confidence?

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We've long suspected that the color of your car can tell others a lot about you, but the fact-finders at CNW Market Research have done extensive studies on the matter, and the results are a bit surprising. Many associate bright colors with confidence and perhaps even cockiness, but according to CNW's study, bright colors mean that you are likely to have below-average confidence. More sedate pigments like emerald green and dark blue reportedly point to a greater possibility of above average self-worth. Since the study was done over time, CNW was also able to gauge swings in emotion, and not surprisingly the more incognito paint-jobs were adorned by owners with more stable moods. Hot colors like orange, red, and yellow are consistent with wild mood swings.

Now, we know that just because you drive a screaming yellow car doesn't necessarily mean that you're ready for a shrink, but the study is interesting nonetheless. One thing we question is that there are a lot more colors that denote an unhappy person than there were colors for confident folks, and the percentages were definitely skewed towards an overall lack of confidence. Also keep in mind that CNW once determined through statistical analysis that the Hummer was greener than a Toyota Prius, so its results can be taken with a grain of salt. Hit the jump to view the car color chart, and let us know if you fit the bill. You can also check out some CARS with personality in our fun photoshop gallery below.

  • Craig Anderson's 1964 Pontiac Catalina
    • Craig Anderson's 1964 Pontiac Catalina
    • Dan Coughlin's 2006 Corvette C6 Convertible

[Source: US News & World Report]

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