AVFI 2008: 360 Electrica will clean your clock (or street)

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Sometimes, when you're walking around the showroom floor, you see a vehicle that you didn't expect. At the AFVI Expo in Las Vegas this week, the most unusual ride is the 360 Electrica. What we have here is a 100 percent battery-powered street sweeper. The specs of this little bubble van aren't going to impress anyone who's a fan of EVs (you think NEVs are limited with their 25 mph limit? The 360 Electrica can only go 3.5 mph), but that's not the point.

This vehicle is going to be popular with the right crowd, says the father-son team of Jean-Claude and Xavier Moreau (general manager and service & customer support manager of Grentech, LLC, respectively). The two explained to AutoblogGreen that the 360 Electrica is geared towards places like arenas, parking lots, or airports. The vehicles are manufactured in Italy, while Greentech, the North American distributor for the 360 Electrica, is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Electrica 360 uses lead acid batteries in a 48 volt system that give 6.5 hours of working time (8 hour run time if the brushes are not used constantly). The brushes have about a five-foot sweeping size, which Xavier said is pretty standard. In fact, the company that makes the 360 Electricia also makes diesel-powered versions. There are around 120 of these electric sweepers in use in Europe. How much will it cost you? $75,000-$80,000, depending on options. Even at that price, Jean-Claude said that the electric sweeper can save users around $8,000 a year, leading to a cost premium payback time of two years or so. The lead acid battery pack has a five-year warranty, and they are looking at li-ion batteries for future models. If you order one now, expect building and delivery to take about two months to the West coast; two weeks quicker to the East coast.

The vehicle is rated PM10 by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Actually, the vehicle is exempt, which means that the vehicle can be sold. Details about the PM10 rating - and more about the 360 Electrica - can be had in the audio clip below (Xavier speaks first, then Jean-Claude. 11.5 min):

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