AFVI 2008: Dymac EVs enter the market with low-complexity, lower-cost models

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The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle market is not exactly huge, and there are already some established players involved: Miles, Zenn, GEM. So, what's Dymac going to do to enter this space? The answer is, well, simple.

Dymac had something like a coming out event at the AFVI Expo in Las Vegas this week, according to Tim Melland, regional distributor for Dymac Northwest. There are already around 200 of these very basic all-electric trucks, vans and shuttles in operation, but the company wanted to make an appearance at AFVI to broaden their visibility. These are bare-bones EVs. If you thought a Miles Electric Vehicle was the bare minimum of what people would settle with in an electric vehicle, you're not thinking like Dymac, which thinks that things like regenerative breaking add too much complexity and cost to the vehicle. As Melland told me, if you've taken shop class, you can fix whatever goes wrong with a Dymac vehicle and, because of the way the components are installed, it shouldn't take more than an hour to upgrade any of them. Want new batteries or want to try out a fancy new electric motor in your car? Not a problem. The simpler system means that Dymac vehicles are around $5,000 less than comparative Miles EVs (the Miles ZX40ST is $18,400)

Oh, and yes, those are solar panels on the top of the truck there. Melland said that if you start with a full battery, drive the truck ten miles and then let it sit in the sun for an hour, the battery will be back to full charge. Without any solar input, Dymac trucks have a 30 mile range.

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