We've been lied to: New episodes of Top Gear actually not coming June 15

Remember when we told you that Top Gear would be returning on June 15? Well, um... Top Gear isn't returning on June 15. In fact, not only is Top Gear not returning on June 15, but there is no word on when it will return. And not only is there no word on when it will return, but there isn't expected to be a full run of episodes whenever it does come back -- six shows are supposedly on slate. And those six episodes apparently won't be in HD, for any of you 1080i-philes who rocked the plasma purchase hoping you'd get a better shot of The Stig. So it's not quite time for Taps yet... but we're going to go sit in a tub of chocolate to console ourselves for a while... Thanks for the tip, Viper007Bond!
[Source: Final Gear]

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