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This can't get more Italian: the Fiat 500 Giovanni Rana pastamobile

Although the Fiat 500 is made in Poland, Fiat is an Italian brand. What's something else that we associate with Italy? Pasta! Naturally, it was high time to put these two together. With headrests that look like ravioli and a gear stick that finishes in a giant "agniolotto," the Fiat 500 Giovanni Rana can't be more Italian (or weird). Don't miss that the car painted to look like freshly baked ciabatta and the pedals look like linguine.

The car pays a tribute to one of Italy's best-known pasta manufacturers, Rana. The car was introduced by Mr. Rana himself during a food fair called "Cibus" in Parma last week. Without a doubt, this's one of the funniest conversions we've ever seen in a car. We won't see it being on showrooms any soon, but we do wonder what would happen if we drove it into a boiling pit of water.

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[Source: La Reppubblica]

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