Who would have thought? Ford Racing has a sense of humor

Click above to view the FR500S Mustang window sticker

I'm a big fan of 'less is more' and would rather take off weight than add horsepower. I'm also an admitted Mustang fan and was wondering just how much flab could be removed from a new Mustang. Ford lists a 5-speed GT at 3,300 lbs, which isn't too bad, but can you imagine how much better it would be at 3,100 or even 3,000 lbs? My research eventually led me to the Ford Racing web site where I tried to find out how much the FR500S Mustang race car weighed. After all, they don't get more stripped down than that. They don't offer much in the way of specifications, but they do have a downloadable window sticker. Vehicle description, standard equipment, pricing information, wait...what's this? This is no ordinary window sticker. The Ford Racing guys decided to add a little bit of extra flair. For example:

Fuel economy: "Green flag: gulps fuel. Yellow Flag: sips fuel. Red flag: uses no fuel at all"
Warranty: "What, you expected 5-years, 50,000 miles?"
Estimated Annual Champagne Cost: "Big Bucks!"

Click the image above to view the FR500S window sticker and the rest of the Ford Racing funnies.

And I still don't know how much the FR500S weighs. Anybody know?

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