If you own this, you should probably be ordering the salad

People who eat at the wheel are a menace. An errant drip of ketchup can be the difference between a mundane commute and a starring role in an impromptu Richard Weyman film. To help further enable the noshing pilot, someone has invented a cupholder-mounted french fry holder. This is undoubtedly a harbinger of the motoring apocalypse. Seriously folks, if your in-car fry habit is such that you require a dedicated, purpose-built mount (with an integrated ketchup tray, no less), you probably need to re-evaluate your lifestyle. In an ironic twist more delicious than a McDonalds' french fry, this contraption is sold through the Improvements catalog. We're hard pressed to determine what this improves other than the chance of a fry-related mishap at highway speeds. According to the site, it's "not available at this time," which is either cause for concern (it's completely sold out) or celebration (someone pulled the plug and stopped the madness).
[Source: Improvements via Jalopnik via Automoblog]

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