Aerocivic and its aesthetically-challenged modifications strikes again!

When most people think of a custom Honda Civic, clear lenses on the tail lamps, a lowered suspension and a big 'ole coffee-can exhaust pipe probably come to mind. When Mike Turner set out to design his own custom Civic, though, the only thing that his vision shared with most others is an esthetically-challenged body kit. In the case of the Aerocivic, the homemade body kit in question extends the nose and tail of the vehicle in an airfoil shape of sorts and adds hinged wheel skirts around the previously exposed tires. As we mentioned the last time we showed you this car, the Aerocivic's owner claims pretty radical fuel economy figures due to his modifications. The video at this link explains that Turner is able to achieve seventy miles per gallon while cruising at highway speeds and using hypermiling techniques. If Turner's estimates are accurate, four-hundred dollars, some elbow grease and a few gawkers questioning your sanity are all that stand between you and a super-economical Aero-car of your very own.

[Source: WCNC, h/t to Darin at Metro MPG]

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