Ann Arbor, MI kicks off 4th annual Curb Your Car Month

Hey, Seattle's not the only town looking for people willing to dump their cars, at least temporarily. May marks Ann Arbor, Michigan's 4th annual Curb Your Car Month. All month, participants are encouraged to leave their cars at home and choose an alternative such as walking, biking, carpooling or public transit. One of the centerpieces of the month-long program is the Commuter Challenge, in which local businesses compete with one another to see which can get the most people involved in an alternative to the traditional commute.
Prizes for the challenge range from free scoops of ice cream to higher-value stuff like gratis movie and event tickets. Info on the initiative can be found here, and now that Spring is upon us, we're sure there's a good number of people who are actually out there enjoying the walk or bike ride to work. This is probably why Ann Arbor does this in May and not February.

[Source: via MLive]

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