You know you've pushed your car too hard when...

Click above for a few more pics of this EVO's severed limb

...your accelerator pedal breaks clean off. Actually, the owner of this 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X GSR swears he wasn't caning the car excessively hard when his go pedal snapped in two. Posted on the forums by 'DRAG', these pictures show the severed pedal in question. DRAG claims he was at a stoplight at the time (in front of some STI owners, no less) when he started to leave the light with a little "enthusiasm". As he pushed the GSR's accelerator to the floorboards, the thing's plastic arm broke off clean. Clearly frustrated with his $40,000+ automobile, DRAG called the dealer and waited for some roadside assistance that never came. To make a long story short, Mitsubishi refused to replace the pedal under warranty, but the dealership decided to pick up the tab anyway. Hopefully Mitsubishi doesn't view this case as an isolated incident caused by someone pushing their EVO too hard, because A) you should be able to push an EVO really hard and B) EVOs have been pushed to their limits while being tested by members of the automotive press and we've never heard of anything like this happening. Take a peek at some more pics of the completely cracked pedal in the gallery below. Thanks for the tip, thedriver!

It was actually the accelerator pedal, not the clutch pedal as originally stated. Post above has been corrected.


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