Aspen, CO police audition Toyota Highlander Hybrid patrol car

The Aspen Police Department has a fleet of seven Volvos, but the city's contract with the Swedish automaker is set to run out. Hence, it's time to see what other vehicles could fit the resort community's patrol needs. The city has purchased a single Toyota Highlander Hybrid, given it full markings, and outfitted it with all the accessories required for police duty. While the hybrid Toyota is greener than the vehicles it could potentially replace, there are some issues that will have to be overcome before it's deemed truly ready for police use. Apparently, supplying power to all the additional police-specific add-ons is problematic and there's some hang-up about snow tire availability for the CUV's stock wheels at this time (in a ski community, this is no small concern, but we have to believe this will be resolved). Finally, the hybrid's battery pack reportedly interferes with the operation of the speed radar. Wait...this is a problem? Suddenly, the Highlander Hybrid sounds like the best police car ever.
[Source: Vail Daily]

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