Ludacris And Tommy Lee hawk greasy food to make biofuels

The idea seems simple enough, in a time when all of the good ideas for reality TV have come and gone: take Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe and hip-hop star Ludacris and pitch them against each other in a show called Battleground Earth. The goal of the show is for each of them to go green and become more environmentally aware, while performing stunts and having the whole thing filmed.
The show won't air until this late summer, but the two performers are out and about filming episodes right now. Last week, the two and the crew were in Texas where they, among other events, needed to find ways to refuel their biodiesel tour buses. The stunt was to outsell the other at Keller's Drive-In. By selling a lot of greasy food to customers, the kitchen could make more grease, which could then be turned into the biofuel. Ludacris offered $20 to the person who could eat the most corn dogs. Looks like they've got the recycling angle down, but not the reduce part. Maybe next season.

[Source: Star-Telegram via Ecorazzi]

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