Covertech car cover does the rolling for you

The Covertech Automotive Car Cover protects your car from every element, even -- according to its maker -- "malicious intent." When you're ready to take the cover off, apparently all you need to do is stand back and watch. The cover retracts automatically into a "briefcase-sized" enclosure in a trunk or hatchback. There's even one for motorcycles that fits in a "Kleenex-sized" box.
The creator envisions carmakers eventually integrating the automatic car cover into the design of their cars. Sounds neat, but when you want to cover your car up again, you'll need good old manual labor for that. Personally, we can't see needing to cover and uncover your car often enough in one day to make such a device necessary, but perhaps there are folks with the need for easy incognito. But while it's hard to tell from the video, the answer is yes, it probably will make your bumper look big.

Thanks for the tip, Yash!

[Source: The Earth Times]

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