Aptera crushing lots of its cars

Aptera chief Steve Fambro, in his company's latest newsletter, tells us they are building "lots of cars". Hooray! And then crushing them. Oh noes! We know this has been done to electric cars by the likes of GM and Toyota before and now Aptera admits it has joined the pulverizing parade. Have they gone to the dark side? Well, no. It's all being done in the name of increasing safety. You see, despite not having to crash test their three-wheeled Typ-1 (because it is defined as a motorcycle by the only state - California - they have immediate plans to sell them in), they are attempting to make the doors and roof of their vehicle much stronger than what is required of a typical car. As Fambro states, "We want the Typ-I to be renowned not only for its remarkable performance and efficiency, but its safety too."

Besides addressing their safety ethos, the newsletter also contains a mini-bio of three of their employees as well as word of their most recent hire, Neil Hanneman. Links to press articles and their latest video are there, as are plans for future hires. If you're looking for a cool job or want to know all the Aptera development details click on the "read" link below.

[Source: Aptera]

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