New hints that all-electric BMW iSetta is on the way

From user omolody on Flickr.

We've seen the renderings - some fanciful, like the ones above, some unsurprising - and heard the rumors about the new all-electric BMW/iSetta vehicle. If we trust the phrasing in a short story in Global Insight (no direct link, sorry; found the story in Lexis Nexis thanks to the EDTA), then we can celebrate a new development at BMW. The story, written by Tim Urquhart, starts, "BMW will give the green light to an all-new zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) city car that will see the premium carmaker enter an all-new segment." This fits with the news that came out about a month ago that said that a decision would be made sometime this year. The new EV - which might be called the iSetta or potentially co-branded (?) with Smart - will likely have li-ion batteries. We're ready for some official confirmation on this one, don't you think?

[Source: Global Insight via EDTA]

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