British Airways orders up 100 Civic hybrids

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IKEA isn't the only one. One hundred Honda Civic hybrids will soon be added to the British Airways UK ground vehicle fleet. Honda announced today that it has completed a deal with BA for the hybrids, one of the largest hybrid fleet contracts in the UK and the cars will be delivered this summer. Honda's press release (available after the jump) says these hybrids will help each driver cut "CO 2 emissions by one tonne per year." This number comes from the airline and Masterlease, which calculates the hybrids will reduce CO 2 emissions from three tons a year to two compared to the unnamed vehicles they are replacing. The Civic hybrid is a good seller in the UK, and Honda's most recent numbers say that corporate sales are up 295 percent in 2008 vs. the same period in 2007. Thus far, Honda has sold 537 Civic hybrids - which get 61.4 mpg on the EU cycle and emit just 109 grams of CO 2 per kilometer - in 2008.

Press Release:


Honda (UK) has sealed a major corporate deal to supply over 100 Civic Hybrids to British Airways, representing one of the largest hybrid fleet contracts in the UK.

The low-emission Civic Hybrids will make up nearly half of BA's total company car fleet, and after delivery this summer, will be used by the airline's sales force, helping to cut each driver's CO2 emissions by one tonne per year*.

BA selected Honda's hybrid following a rigorous tendering process, during which the short-listed manufacturers were asked to submit a proposal taking into account the carbon emissions throughout the car's life cycle, from production and delivery, to its use and disposal.

"The scale of this contract with BA is a ringing endorsement for the Civic Hybrid and its excellent environmental credentials," said John Kingston, Environment Manager, Honda (UK). "It reinforces Honda's approach to delivering products with the highest environmental performance and manufacturing plants with the lowest environmental impact."1

"It also demonstrates the thorough approach that more companies are now taking to evaluate the true environmental credentials of its suppliers," he added.

Total sales of Honda's Civic Hybrid trebled last year, and already in 2008, corporate sales are up 295 per cent (537 units), compared to the same period in 2007, demonstrating the corporate sector's increasing demand for cleaner vehicles.

"Environmental performance was the key consideration in British Airways' decision to invest in the new fleet," said Gary Meades, Environmental Manager, British Airways. "The hybrid technology not only meets the highest environmental targets for vehicle emissions but will also deliver greater fuel efficiency."

The Honda Civic Hybrid has a fuel consumption of 61.4mpg and with CO2 emissions of 109g/km, company car drivers fall into the lowest BIK (Benefit In Kind) tax bracket of 10 per cent. It is also exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

As the minimum requirement, British Airways set a threshold of 120g/km of CO2 emissions, in order to meet the new band B for road tax. The Civic Hybrid was also selected because its benefits will outlive the lease life and will be passed onto other drivers when the vehicle is re-sold.

[Source: Honda]

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