Auto Europe tries to sell 45-day leases of the Peugeot 308 as "fuel saving"

Generally, a car produced in 2008 will be cleaner than a similar car produced in 2000. This is due to advances in all sorts of areas (exhaust emissions control, weight savings, powertrains, etc.). A car rental company called Auto Europe is really stretching the environmental value of a new car with its latest campaign to rent Peugeot 308s for 45 days. I mean, the announcement is titled, "Go Green and Save on Fuel and Rental Costs with Auto Europe's Peugeot Open Europe Lease Program." Sure, the technology in a new 308 means it's cleaner than older Peugeots, but renting a car for a month and a half - in Europe where it's often not hard to find good public transportation - doesn't seem like the best way to "Go Green and Save on Fuel." Especially not for $39 a day ($1,755 over the 45 days), plus ~$7 a gallon fuel costs. You can ride a lot of buses and trains for that kind of dough.
Press Release:

Go Green and Save on Fuel and Rental Costs with Auto Europe's Peugeot Open Europe Lease Program

PORTLAND, Maine, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Auto Europe, a leader in European car rental services for over 52 years, also offers tremendous savings for long-term rentals, 17 days or longer, with their Buy Back Program featuring over 19 factory new Peugeot models.

The new 2008 program includes new vehicle models and equipment that increase fuel savings and enhance your driving experience. These features include new automatic gearboxes similar to a Tiptronic automatic transmission. These new gearboxes save 8% on fuel versus a full automatic transmission and 4% fuel savings versus a manual gear transmission. The gearboxes are also better rated for anti pollution records with lower CO2 emissions.

To introduce the new Peugeot 308, they are offering rates beginning at $39 per day. The benefits of a Peugeot Buy Back include rates that are tax inclusive with non-deductible fully comprehensive insurance, the ability to travel into most former Eastern Block countries with no additional fees, unlimited mileage, 24 hour road side assistance and delivery can be arranged at most major airports and cities throughout Europe. In addition, minimum rental age is 18 with no maximum age limits. The factory new vehicles with zero mileage can be delivered to select cities throughout France, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Lisbon, Porto, London, Rome and Zurich.

Sample rate shown is a daily rate based upon a 45-day lease of the four-door, four passenger Peugeot 308 premium, manual transmission for deliveries in Paris. Rate subject to change and additional restrictions may apply.

Auto Europe services over 4,000 car rental locations worldwide. In addition, through their tour division, Destination Europe, they offer scheduled airfare to Europe and service 3, 4 and 5 star hotels worldwide. For additional information on their Buy Back Program or additional services, contact Auto Europe at 1-800-223-5555 or visit their website at

[Source: Auto Europe]

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